About Us

The Beginning 

Hey there!

What began as a stereotypical story of a boy and his dog, turned out to be the formation of the most useful dog product that ANY dog owner can appreciate!

This is Annabelle

best dog toys

Extremely fast, goofy, loyal, and honestly the best dog in the world.

The only problem was that she was TERRIBLE on a leash...

On top of that, any time we would play at the park she wouldn't stop until she dropped dead from fatigue. The absolutely, most annoying thing that she would do was this:

Every time I tried uncapping my plastic water bottle, she would yank on the leash and all of the water would spill on my shirt... It was INFURIATING (but cmon look at that face!)

That was the start of it all.

Years later, the PuppyLapper was created. Made specifically for dogs, the PuppyLapper has a perfect "trough" shaped opening that allows dogs to get perfect amounts of water, fits in any kind of pocket, and is more durable than any other water dish/bottle.

On top of that, you can put unused water back into the bottle and slide the locking mechanism to prevent any spills...



After the amazing support and feedback we have received from YOU, we are starting to grow at an exponential rate. We are starting to branch out into dog accessories, leashes, beds, and all sorts of dog products you never knew you needed!

Why choose Petsmart when you can have the most unique puppy and dog products at your doorstep without having to leave? 

Thank you so much for choosing PuppyLapper and we know you are going to LOVE what we have coming soon! 

Built off the foundation of loving my own pup, my number one goal is to make sure you cherish your own furry family member in the best way possible!

Noah , CEO of PuppyLapper