The PuppyLapper Bottle

  • Extremely Durable - so when your pup knocks it from your hand, you'll never have to worry!

  • BPA and FDA Approved - so clean YOU could drink from it

  • Air-Tight Seal - you have complete control on how much water your pup needs

"... It was always impossible to get my boy Oscar to drink anything when we went out to play. This bottle was a game changer..."

Hailed as the "Best Dog Bottle of 2020", The PuppyLapper has turned frustrating outings into amazing 1-on-1 times with your furry friend.

Keep your pup happy and hydrated whenever you're out!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Out with the old, In with the New

We all know how frustrating it can be to get our dogs to drink from those flimsy water bowls that tip over within 3 seconds.

When they get too tired, they refuse to drink  and you're left with a drooling, overheated pooch that needs water ASAP. 

That's where the PuppyLapper comes in.

How it Works

Fill, Cap, Go. It's that simple

1. Fill up the PuppyLapper with some clean water (and ice too!) and twist the top off.

2. Switch the lock to the right to prevent any leakage. When you're ready to give your pup a sip, unlock the bottle and press the Paw dispense button.

3. Water will flow out of the trough and let your pooch decide how much they want.

4. Extra Water left in the trough? No problem! Simply, hold Paw button and let the water flow back into the bottle

Why It Works

Although this is incredibly funny (we could all probably watch this for hours), this can have long term affects on your dog.

Sometimes your dog will drink too much too quick, resulting in stomach pain and digestion problems.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Why PuppyLapper?


  • Easy Lock - Spill proof lock that prevents any leaks while inside your bag

  • Quick Activation - Dispense water with a single hand with light pressure

  • Lap Bowl Trough - Lets your pup get the perfect amount of water without any waste

  • Premium Eco-Friendly - Keep your best friend happy and healthy (while reducing plastic waste too!)


  • Zero Spill Protection - The second it's in the bag, your whole back is soaked

  • Sticky Buttons - The button is SO stiff that it takes two hands to press (and then gets stuck...)

  • Not FOR Dogs - Other bottles say they're "for dogs", but end up giving your pup a hard time

  • Iffy Material - If YOU can't drink from it, neither should Finn (we love Finn!).


Do both sized bottles come with wrist straps? YES!

Yes! The 12 oz and the 18 oz bottle BOTH come with a wrist carrying strap so you can safely carry your PuppyLaper wherever you go!

I have a dog that weighs over 50 lbs, will this bottle be enough for them? YES!

Absolutely! A normal water bottle is about 16 oz, while the PuppyLapper is an 18 oz bottle. You'll have more than enough water for a day out and about!

Can I wash it in the dishwasher? YES!

We recommend that you either use the top rack in a dishwasher or hand wash the bottle. Also, avoid putting any other kind of liquid besides water in the bottle (ex: Milk, juice, etc).

Can unused water go back into the bottle after clicking the release button? YES!

This is one of the PuppyLapper's signature features! Simply put the bottle upright and the water will go back in through the hole that it came from.

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